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Audio Evidence


By: Ruby

Snider, Michael P.

Case #02-665-25


Audio Tape Evidence

Audio Transcript follows:


"Right. You're Mr. Snider?"

"Yes. Yes, that's me." 

"Have a seat, Mr. Snider."

"Yeah. Right."

"So... you have the down payment?"

"Yes. A thousand. Right here."

"Okay. Let's get down to business. What do you want, Mr. Snider?"

"I want you to make someone pay. I want this cop to pay. I want you to do what you do."

"So, this 'someone', do you want him just hurt or...?"

"I want him dead. And if you can make it hurt... hurt bad... before he dies... that's... that's what I want."

"You want him hurting before he dies?"

"Yeah. I don't want him to go quick. I don't want him to not know what's happening. I want him to *know*. I want him to know he's going to die. And I want him to hurt."

"Okay, I hear you. You don't want it to be quick, right?"


"You got a picture of this guy?"

"Yeah... yeah... Here it is."

"He's just a kid."

"He's *not* a kid. He's a cop. He's a fucking fink of a cop. And I - Want - Him - Dead."

"Okay. Okay. Calm down, now."

"No. You listen to me. This bastard cost me my life. He cost me my family. He put me behind bars and I - Lost - Everything."

"Yeah, alright... What did he put you away for?"

"What? Oh, uh... it was ahh... an Internet sort of thing... I spent two years. But that's not it... not all of it. It's the fact that I was a respected member of the community. I was *respected*. You understand that? And I lost it. Lost everything. My wife left me, took the kids... just ran. And I went to jail for two years. This little shit set me up. He's the one who did it. He testified in court. Looked right at me. He's some kind of computer freak, not even a real cop."

"He's not a cop?"

"Well, yeah. He's a cop. But not a real one, you know? Not like a 'drive around in a car and pull people over' cop. He's one of those little undercover computer freaks. And I'm paying you good money... twenty thousand dollars... to take him out. And I want it bloody. I want it messy."

"Yeah. I get that. I understand. Well, are you particular about the 'way'? Did you have something in mind?"

"As long as it hurts. And that he knows he's going to die. I don't want a bullet in the brain type of thing. I want you to spend some time with him."

"Okay. Well, that's going to cost you more."

"Cost me more?"

"You want torture, that's going to cost you."

"Yeah. Well... how much more?"

"Another thousand."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah... well, that's understandable. I get it. Yeah."

"So, when did you have in mind for this to happen? For me to kill him?"

"As soon as possible. Soon. Can you... can you tape it? So I can watch? I want to watch."

"You want to be there?"

"No. No. Not be there. Just watch... you know... later. A tape I can keep."

"You want me to tape it so you can watch it later?"

"Right. Yeah. That's what I want."

"You want to watch me torturing and murdering this police officer?"

"Yes. Right."

"And what's his name?"

"Dunne. Agent John Dunne with the ATF. He used to be a Boston cop but now he's with the ATF... out in Denver. He goes by JD. JD Dunne."

"Okay. Denver Colorado. JD Dunne. An ATF agent formerly with the Boston Police Department. And you want him tortured before he's killed? And you want it all on tape to watch later? Do I have this right?"

"Yes. Yes. Exactly. That's what I want."

"Well, Mr. Snider... this kid won't be seeing another birthday."


"Freeze! Put your hands up in the air."

"Boston Police!"

"You're under arrest." 

"On the ground!"

"Oh my... Oh my god. What did you... What did you do?"

"My job, Mr. Snider. My job. Put your hands behind your back. Oh, and... my name's not Johnson."

April 22, 2006


Author's Notes: LOL... This is what watching MSNBC late at night will get me. I just watched a show about cops going undercover as 'hitmen' and catching people trying to have someone killed. Wow! Chilling stuff. One was a wife telling the guy (who she thought was a hitman) that she wanted her husband's death to look like an accident, that she wanted a car to fall on him. And she was very nonchalant when the guy asked her when she wanted it done... she said Wednesday, before Thanksgiving. Another was a respected surgeon wanting to have a business partner killed for costing him money in an investment scheme. LORD. What stuff. LOL... uh... anyway. I had to write this. Thanks to Phyllis for the quick beta. :)

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