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Borrowing Trouble

By: Ruby

"How do you 'borrow trouble'?" JD asked out of the blue.

Josiah, the only other agent in the office with the young man, looked up at him from where he was sitting at his desk working. "What?"

"You know, how Buck's always telling me 'Don't borrow trouble'?" JD gesticulated wildly with his hands. "How do you *borrow* trouble? Do you sign it in and out, like with a library card?" he asked, his voice high. "You can't *buy* trouble, but you can *borrow* it? You can't rent it, can't lease it, can't get insurance on it, how can you borrow it?"

"JD," Josiah said, "if you're done with your report, you can do mine."

But JD continued as if Sanchez hadn't even spoken, "And what if you don't return it in the same condition? Like, what if you bring it back and the guy behind the Trouble counter says," he deepened his voice, " 'I'm sorry, sir, but there's a scratch on your Trouble.' Or, 'You're missing a part of your Trouble.' Or..." He shrugged. "I mean," his voice rose an octave, "is there a fee for that? Do they penalize you? Does it go on your credit?" He shuddered. "And if so, how would you explain it if you were trying to buy... oh, say a house?"

JD deepened his voice as he laid out his scenario, "I'm sorry, sir, but in 2004 you borrowed Trouble and," he sighed, "it looks like you didn't return it in the proper condition. There was a charge for that." JD's voice returned to normal, albeit a little high as he gasped dramatically and then said, "But I didn't know." And then his voice deepened into his 'IRS Agent' voice again, "Ignorance is no excuse for bad credit, sir."

JD shook his head, his eyes widening. "And then, BAM!" He slapped his hands down on the desk, the sound deafening in the quiet ATF office. "You're living in a refrigerator box under a bridge embankment," he shrugged helplessly, "all because you borrowed trouble."

Cocking his head at the young agent, Josiah blinked slowly as if classifying a new species.

Dunne sighed loudly and then looked down at his desk. He straightened some papers, and then hit a couple keys on his computer. Shaking his head, he looked up at the older agent. "I mean, don't you *think* about these things, Josiah?" he asked plaintively.

"JD?" Josiah stared at him, his eyebrows high. After a few moments, he shook his head and replied, "You need a hobby, son."

JD grinned. "I know."


November 2004

Sequel: High Interest


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