JD Dunne - ATF Agent

The Chair

By: Ruby


Rating: PG-13 Language (nothing too serious, though)

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The Chair ATF/AU

By: Ruby


The man who says that he's never done a 'dumb' thing, is the man who didn't have any witnesses around when he *did* the 'dumb' thing.



"JD?" Vin chuckled. "What are you doin'?"

JD walked out of the breakroom door, dragging a chair behind him. Glancing over at the sharpshooter, he grinned, looking sheepish. Rolling his eyes, he pulled the chair over to his desk. "Chris told me not to goof off while he and the guys were in the meeting, and he said that the next time he saw a pencil stuck in the ceiling tiles, he and I were gonna have a 'talk.' "

Vin raised his eyebrows, grinning. "A *talk*? Well, hell, JD, you get plenty of talks from Chris."

"Yeah," JD blushed, looking down at the ground, "but I've only had a few 'talks' from Mr. Larabee."

Vin pursed his lips, watching his young friend intently.

"Well, anyway." JD smiled, glancing back up. "I've gotta get this stupid pencil out of the ceiling 'fore the guys get back." He lifted the chair without wheels up onto his desk.

Vin's eyebrows rose higher on his forehead. "Ahh, JD, what are you doing?"

"I'm..." JD grunted out, stepping up on his computer chair and then up onto his desk, "I'm getting my pencil back." He looked over at Vin. "I'd go down to maintenance and get a ladder," he said with a shrug, "but that would take too long." Gingerly, he stepped up onto the chair that was perched precariously on top of his desk.

"JD?" Vin stood up, smiling. "Ahh," he chuckled under his breath, "you might want to think about this."

"What?" JD asked, standing on his toes, trying to reach the pencil.

Vin walked over, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked up at JD. "Um, kid, you do realize that this is the beginning of every 911 episode?" he chuckled. Rubbing his chin with his forefinger, he looked up, a wry grin on his face. His face scrunched up with concern when he saw the kid standing on his toes, reaching up, trying to grasp the pencil. The chair moved slightly and Vin stepped forward. "JD."

Vin glanced over when he heard the elevator chime. Chris, Ezra, Nathan, Buck and Josiah walked into the office.

Vin and Chris made eye contact. Vin saw his best friend's tired face turn concerned when he spied JD up on his desk.

Vin didn't think that JD had heard the arrival of his teammates. The kid was totally engrossed in capturing his lost writing utensil.

The sharpshooter cringed when he saw Buck's eyes widen. The tall agent stepped forward. "JD!" Buck yelled. "What in the HELL are you doing?"

Glancing back up at the kid, Vin saw JD's body jerk when Wilmington bellowed.

"Buck!" JD yelped, spinning around, losing his balance.

All of the men watched in horror as JD tumbled backwards off the chair. Vin was the closest, but even he couldn't reach the kid in time.

The sound JD's body made as it came into contact with the floor was sickening.

"JD!" Nathan yelled, running over to the youngest ATF agent.

Dunne's eyes were squeezed tightly shut. His face lined with pain. Gasping for breath, his chest heaved.

"JD. JD, just calm down, now," Jackson admonished.

JD's eyes opened, looking wildly about, frightened. He still hadn't pulled a breath into his heaving chest. He reached out a shaking hand which Buck instantly grabbed a hold of.

"Easy, kid. I gotcha," Wilmington soothed.

"Nathan?" Chris hissed.

Suddenly, JD pulled a deep breath in, a sob coming back out. His hand squeezed Buck's tightly, making the older man wince.

"JD, just breath easy. Easy, now," Nathan cautioned.

Nodding, JD closed his eyes. "K," he breathed out.

Buck patted JD on the chest.

"I'm... fine," the kid wheezed out.

Buck grinned wryly, shaking his head.

"Let me up," JD asked. Using Buck's hand, he tried to pull himself up.

"Aggghh!" he yelled out.

Nathan eased JD back to the floor. "Take it easy, JD."

"Nathan, my back!" The kid grunted out. Tears welled at the corners of his eyes. "It," he said as he took a breath, coughing, "it hurts."

"Okay, JD, okay," Nathan laid his hand on JD's forehead. "Don't move now. Just lie still!" He looked up into the concerned faces of the rest of team seven. He noticed Josiah talking on the phone, to the paramedics, he hoped. Nathan swallowed, glancing back down at the kid.

"Jesus, that hurts," JD hissed out, his face paling. "Sorry, Ma," he gulped, "didn't mean to say that." Frowning, he coughed again.

Chris sat silently, his face lined with worry, his lips pursed. Vin stood beside him, watching everything.

Ten minutes later, the elevator chimed again, spilling out two paramedics, a gurney and equipment.

The two young medics quickly got JD ready for transport, having to work around an agitated Wilmington. It only took a few minutes to get the stretcher downstairs and outside.

Buck was allowed to ride in the ambulance with the kid, the rest of the men following close behind.


"Nate?" Buck asked, quickly walking over to the worried-looking medic.

"He's sedated." Jackson stopped Buck with an outstretched hand. "He's in a lot of pain. They're looking at his back right now, trying to see exactly what he's done to it."

Wilmington's face was pale. "Can he..." he swallowed, "can he move? I mean," he said as he looked down, then back up, his head cocked to the side, "is he paralyzed?"

Nathan allowed a slight smile to cross his face. "No, Buck. No, he's just in a lot of pain. He's wrenched, or sprained something and they've got him in X-Ray right now."


The next day, JD lay sprawled on his and Buck's couch, a pillow propping up his right side while also holding ice on his hip. His face was pale, small beads of sweat collecting on his forehead. His eyes were glassy from the pain medication. The trashcan from the bathroom sat in front of him on the floor; the pain medication also made him very nauseous. He watched the TV without much interest.

Buck, Nathan and Chris spoke quietly in the kitchen. Vin stood, leaning against the stove, arms crossed over his chest, a scowl on his face.

"Well, he's going to be out of action for a while." Nathan glanced over at Vin, then back at Buck and Chris. "He won't have any lasting damage, just lots and lots of pain right now."

"Damn stupid kid," Buck cursed. "What do I need to do?" He ran his hand through his dark hair while pacing. "Do I need to get a leash? One of those harnesses that they put on little kids now? Do I need to lock him in his room? Or hell, I could just stay with him every second of every day so I can keep him from pulling these dumb-ass stunts." He ended the phrase by sending a dirty look in Tanner's direction. Shaking his head, he turned to start pacing again. "I swear, you think the little genius would be smarter than this. Really! I mean, what the hell was he thinking?"

Tanner took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. He slowly pulled himself from his position. Taking a few steps, he came to stand in front of Wilmington. "Buck." he uncrossed his arms, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked down, then glanced back up, looking at the tall ATF agent sideways. "Buck, the kid ain't stupid. You know that. Yeah, he did somethin' dumb." Vin grinned looking back down. "Hell, ain't we all?" He didn't move his head back up, but his eyes caught Wilmington's, "you might wanna lay off a him right now. The kid's hurtin' and probably feelin' a might stupid himself, but you in here beratin' him ain't gonna do anyone any good, 'specially since he probably heard everything you just said."

Buck took a step towards the young sharpshooter, his face hard. "Listen here, Tanner, you're the one who just stood there, letting the kid make a pyramid out of the furniture, then climb up on it, so don't be spoutin' off to me about what's best for 'im."

Vin slowly, deliberately took his hands out of his pockets. Straightening up to his full height, he took another step towards Wilmington.

"Okay. Alright." Chris shook his head, stepping in between his two agents. "That's enough. You tw-"

The unfortunate sound of retching interrupted the team leader. Nathan was gone in an instant, with Buck close behind.

"JD?" Nathan squatted next to the young man. Twisted towards the wastebasket, JD's body was convulsing, his back muscles rippling with the effort of throwing up. Nate could hear sobs coming from the kid. The medic rubbed JD's back, trying to soothe him. Finally, JD straightened back out, lying flat on the couch again. His right arm came up to cover his eyes and he wiped the tears off his face with the inside of his elbow.

"JD?" Nate asked again. The kid was breathing hard, his chest heaving. "It's okay, JD, just calm down." Nathan glanced up to see three worried ATF agents watching the kid intently. He brought his attention back to the youngest. "You hurtin' bad, kid?" he asked quietly while wiping the kid's mouth off with the warm, wet rag that was handed to him. He was rewarded with a frown and a slight movement from the kid's elbow showing him a glimpse of the patented Larabee glare.

Nathan grinned, "Okay, you're hurtin'." He patted the kid on the arm. "It's just a short while 'fore you can take a couple more painpills. Think you can handle it?"

JD licked his dry lips while still glaring at the tall, black medic. "I feel... like I just got beat... by a baseball bat. My back hurts, my ribs hurt, hell, even my hair hurts." He paused, then glanced over at the medic, "Nate?" he asked sincerely.

"Yeah, JD?" Nathan answered, leaning towards the kid.

JD swallowed, sniffing, then the corner of his mouth turned up. "Can you get my gun?"

"JD!" Nate reprimanded.

"Oh," JD moved his hand to stop the medic's lecture. "It's not for me." The kid glanced at his roommate. "It's for Buck." He grinned.

Buck's mouth fell open; just as quickly he closed it, pursing his lips. "Now listen here you little shi-"

JD glanced over at Buck, inadvertently twisting his back and sending a jolt of pain down his side. Letting out a groan, he covered his eyes again. "Shut up, Buck." His voice was hard, filled with pain. The vein stood out on his neck, his face was suddenly red, his breaths coming in huffs.

Nate watched him closely. JD pulled his left hand up, pointing to his head with his index finger. "On second thought," he hissed out, "you can just put me out of my misery, Nathan." He tapped his temple with the finger. "Right here; something bigger than a twenty-two."

Nate grabbed the kid's hand, pulling it away from his head. "JD, you want to go back to the hospital? You think you need to?"

"Nah," JD whispered. Glancing over at his friends from under his arm, he frowned when he saw their pale faces. "I'm just kiddin' guys. Sorry. I just... I'm really hurtin'."

The four men looked at each other, trading concerned looks. If the kid was admitting that he hurt, then it wasn't good.

Nathan pulled the warm ice bag from under the kid, then propped him back up with the pillow. "Okay, JD, I've got another pill here." Lifting the kid's head, he gave him the painkiller then held the glass of water to his lips.

"Thanks," JD whispered. Sniffing, he wiped his eyes with his arm before pulling it away. "Next time, I think I'll just let Chris lecture me. By the way." He glanced at his friends. "Anyone get the pencil out of the ceiling yet?" he asked.

"Nah, kid," Chris answered, "we decided to leave it there." The lean blond grinned, "It's just too damn dangerous."

The men laughed. JD's breathing evened out and his eyes drifted slowly closed.

Buck, Vin and Chris slowly backed away, leaving the medic next to the kid.

Walking into the kitchen, Buck slapped the young sharpshooter on the back. No words were uttered, but both Tanner and Larabee noted the tacit communication. Buck was silently apologizing.


"Buck?" JD yelled.

"Yeah, kid?" Buck stood in the kitchen doorway, a towel tossed over his shoulder.

"Can I get a glass of water?"

"Sure thing, kid." Buck turned to do as he was asked.

It had been weeks since JD had taken the fall. Vin sat in the recliner. He saw the kid look over at him, an evil grin on his face. He couldn't help but smile at the young agent. "JD, when you gonna tell him that you're feeling good enough to get your own water?" he asked sardonically. Vin knew that Buck was feeling guilty about the things that he'd said, the things that JD had heard him say.

JD looked innocent, but Vin caught the wink the kid threw him when Wilmington brought him a glass of water and asked if he could get him anything else.

Vin couldn't hide the laugh that escaped when he heard the kid's next request.

"A blackberry cobbler sure sounds good, Buck," he asked sweetly.


the end


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