By: Ruby


Rating: G

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By: Ruby


"Hey, Vin, did you hear what happened this weekend?" JD caught up to his friend and started walking down the hall beside him, their steps hurried. "Some moron caught himself on fire at the gas station. He overfilled his tank and the gas spewed out, all over his shirtsleeve and pants. I guess he'd paid at the pump and he just jumped back in his car and immediately lit up a cigarette. His shirt caught on fire. It was horrible. But when the police got there, instead of taking him to the hospital, they arrested him."

Not slowing his steps, Vin glanced sideways at him, shaking his head incredulously. "Arrested him? For what? Being an idiot?"

"Nah, they arrested him 'cause he had a firearm." JD blinked twice, his voice nonchalant, a grin quickly spreading across his face.

Vin stared at him. 

"A firearm." JD's eyes widened pointedly. His grin turning into a knowing smirk.

Vin's eyes narrowed slightly. 

"A *Fire*arm," JD repeated as he nodded his head at his friend, his grin slipping a little.

Vin took in a deep breath as he came to a stop, staring at the younger man with a twitching left eye.

JD stopped next to him, facing the sharpshooter. His eyebrows rose as he tried to put an innocent look on his face. "A... fire... arm?" he said weekly, his voice drifting off as he gulped loudly.

The two ATF agents stared at each other for a long moment before Vin let out a yell, launching himself at his younger friend.

"I'll show you a 'firearm'!" Vin grunted as he caught the younger man in a headlock and tackled him to the floor.


October 2003


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