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High Interest

Sequel to Borrowing Trouble

By: Ruby

"Josiah?" JD asked, his voice soft, hesitant.

Josiah's shoulders drooped and he sighed as he glanced over at JD, who was riding down in the elevator with him. "Yes, JD?" he said patiently.

"Sorry to bother you." JD winced as he took a step away from him. "But, I was thinking... again. You know, about borrowing trouble."

"Not this again."

"Well, I was wondering, when you borrowed trouble, what the interest would be? I mean, what's the interest on something like that?" JD pursed his lips, deep in thought.  "I'm guessing it would depend on what *sort* of trouble it was, you know? Let's use vehicle values for an example." He smiled happily.

Josiah shook his head. "Let's not."

JD continued, unfazed by the fact that Josiah was now banging his head on the side of the elevator car. "Okay, there's the small, economy car kind of trouble, like you locked yourself out of the house. Then there would be the midsize, four-door sort of trouble, like... oh, say you were late for a meeting and when you finally got there, Chris spent the entire remaining time in the conference room giving you the 'smiting-you-to-HELL' glare." He grinned as he widened his eyes. "And then there's the Escalade kind of trouble, like you flipped your motorcycle into oncoming traffic."

"Yes," Josiah stopped banging his head long enough to stare down at JD with dark eyes, "that would be bad, son." And then he quipped under his breath, "And, somehow, under the circumstances, also good."

JD either didn't hear him or was ignoring him. "I mean, what if you borrowed just a little bit of trouble, and then it snowballed? If you can't pay your trouble back, can they sue you? Can you list trouble on a bankruptcy?"

"Seriously, JD." Josiah took a threatening step towards him. "Flyfishing. Model train building. Reading." He cocked his head. "These are hobbies, son. Pick one."


October 2005


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