I'm Not Falling For It!

By: Ruby



Rating: PG-13 Language

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Warning:  PG-13 Couple of bad words 

AU: ATF - Thanks Mog! :)

Author's Notes: I watched The David Cassidy Story recently and really enjoyed it. And I thought Andy Kavovit did a great job and really looked a lot like DC. This is just a fun little story, nothing serious. Thanks to Mog for starting this wonderful AU.

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I'm Not Falling For It!   ATF/AU

By: Ruby

"I think I love you," Buck sang out, grinning wryly in JD's direction as he walked through the office on the way to his desk. "I woke up in love this morning. Went to sleep with you on my mind."

"Buck," Vin raised an eyebrow at the tall ladies' man, "didn't think you swung that way."

Buck threw a withering glare in Vin's direction before turning his attention back to his best friend. "They say that breakin' up is hard to do." He paused before he started singing again. "Brown eyes you're beautiful and you're all mine"

"Jeesh, Buck, you might be that desperate, but I'm not." JD looked  disgustedly at his roommate while still typing his report.

"Guys!" Buck sighed. "Where were you in the Seventies?" He looked from Vin to JD then back to Vin. "Oh, yeah. Nevermind."

"Buck," Vin hissed, "just tell us what the hell yer talkin' about so we can get on with our day."

"David Cassidy. The Partridge Family. Ring a bell?" Buck asked. "Shirley Jones?" He wolf whistled.

"Wasn't that a Brady Bunch spin off?" JD asked distractedly.

"No!" Buck moaned. "No. It had nothing to do whatsoever with the Brady Bunch, only that it was a much better show."

"Whatever, Buckin," Vin rolled his eyes. "Chris'll be here in a little while and unless you want a repeat performance of the kid's turtle cam, you'd better get yer ass to work."

Buck glared hard at the younger man and then, right before he'd almost perfected Larabee's killer glare, he ruined the moment by sticking out his tongue and sending a loud raspberry towards the sharpshooter.

"Damn," Vin wiped his sleeve across his face. "You got some distance goin' there, Buck."

Buck fake-smiled at him and then walked over to stand behind JD. He  moved around, trying to get different views of the kid's face. He held out his hands, making a box out of them and then looked at JD through them.

"Buck," JD let out a long-suffering sigh. "Can you ogle me later, I really need to get this report done."

"Ogling the kid, are ya Buck?" Vin accused, laughing. 

"Shut up, buckskin-boy." Buck smiled wickedly.

Vin shot up out of his seat. "What the hell you talkin' about Bucklin?" he asked, his face getting red.

"Oh, nothin'," Buck grinned. "Just that I ran into a lady the other night who seemed to remember you."

"What?" Vin squeaked, a sinking suspicion in his stomach.

"Yeah, she remembered you all right. Something about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, a busy street in the broad daylight. Her, you, a Buckskin jacket and nothing else."

"Shut up!" Vin hissed, his face beat red now.

JD laughed but suddenly choked off the sound when Vin glanced his way with a look.

Buck finally stopped laughing and wiped his eyes as he looked affectionately at Tanner. "Lord, boy, I'm gonna be thinking different of ya from now on. The picture she painted of you sure doesn't jive with our shy tracker. She also said something about hanging beads fro-"

"Buck!" Vin launched himself at the older man, cathing him around the middle and wrestling him to the ground.

"Okay. Okay, bead-boy, I give up. I give up!" Buck yelled from where Vin had him on the floor in a head lock.

"Not another word. Not. One. More. Word. Got it?" Vin squeezed tighter, happily noticing that now Buck's face was an even brighter shade of red than his own had been a few minutes ago.

"Yeah, yeah, I got'cha," he took in a deep breath, "and apparently *she* got'cha too."

"Ugghh!" Vin frowned, rolling Buck away from him, standing up and looking down at him. "Just remember, Bucklin, I'm the one who's the sharpshooter. Who can shoot anyone. Anytime. From anywhere." His voice was sinister and his eyes as hard as Larabee's on a bad day.

Buck rolled his eyes as he got up. "Temperamental," he said as he brushed off his clothes. "Okay, where was I?" he said brightly as if nothing had happened.

"Oh yeah. Kid," he said to JD, "the beautiful lady I brought home last night is an assistant to a casting director in Hollywood. She saw your picture and said that they're making a movie about David Cassidy's life and she said you should audition for it. She said that you have the right look."

Vin had been taking a drink of coffee and he spewed it all over his desk and Ezra's desk too. The undercover agent sure wouldn't be happy about that. "JD? In a movie? As David Cassidy?" He cackled.

"Vin? Are you cackling?" Buck raised his eyebrows at the younger man.

"Buck, you are so full of crap," JD brought Buck's attention away from the coffee-covered hyena at the other desk.

"No, JD. Really! She really said that." He held out a small piece of paper. "Even gave me the time and place for the audition. She seemed to think that you were just what they were looking for."

"Yer gonna have an audition, all right, kid," Vin's voice was muffled from where he had his head down on his desk, his shoulders shaking with laughter and his palm hitting the desk repeatedly. Finally, he looked up at JD. "Kid, he's pullin' your leg again. Though," he looked at Buck, "this is better than most."

"Guys! I'm being serious," Buck almost cried. "I swear to everything that is holy and good in the world that she really did say it. And you do look like 'im. You've got the hair. You can just flip it out a little maybe."

JD just rolled his eyes and looked back down at his report, trying to find his place again.

"Come on, JD! You gotta believe me here. This is a chance of a lifetime."

"Oh yeah, Buck? A chance for who?" Vin asked pointedly. 

"Why," Buck spluttered, "for JD of course."

"And it would have nothin' to do with the fact that with your roommate a movie star you'd have all kinds a women flockin' around'ja. More than you even have now. All those female fans and them beautiful, glamorous movie stars would all want to get close to JD, and they'd even go through you to do it." Vin grinned slyly, winking.

"Aggghhh!" Buck yelled as he fell on his knees next to JD's desk. "Please, JD!" He begged, his hands clasped together, praying. "Come on ole roommate of mine. Just give it a try, okay?"

JD looked at the ceiling as he spoke softly under his breath. Finally, he looked over at Buck who was giving him the ole puppy dog look. "Buck!" he bellowed. "Listen to me. I. Am. Not. Falling. For. It."

JD stuck his lower lip out. "I fell for it when you told me that you'd met the lady who'd played Superwoman on the TV show and that she wanted to show me the inside of her invisible jet. I fell for it when you told me that the lady down at the corner coffee shop thought I was cute. So I asked her out and she laughed in my face and told me that I'd have to get legal first. I fell for it when you said you would write Casey a wonderful love letter and sign my name to it. That then she wouldn't be able to resist me." He narrowed his eyes. "She won't even speak to me now," he squeaked. "So, Buck, let me say it one more time. There is no - way - that - I'm -  falling - for - this!"

Buck threw himself onto the floor, lying on his side and sobbing uncontrollably. 

JD and Vin looked at him for a moment - then started working again. 

Vin glanced up at JD and chuckled. "David Cassidy. Hell, kid, you don't even look like 'im."

The sobbing from the floor turned into an earsplitting wail.


the end  (November '01)




These screengrabs were taken from The David Cassidy Story.  No copyright infringement is intended. (Is this type really small, or what? <g>)


Check out The Official David Cassidy Website to see how much Andy Kavovit looked like the young David Cassidy.


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