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Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter

By: Ruby


Rating:  PG-13 Language

Disclaimer:  The Magnificent Seven is owned by Trilogy, Mirish, MGM, and some others I'm not sure of. The above picture does not belong to me. I made it from a picture on the Star Wars - Bounty Hunter website. The character of Jango Fett belongs to George Lucas/Lucas Films. I'm not making any money.

Author's Notes:  I've always loved Boba Fett. Now, I know this is Jango, but... <g> I don't think you'll have to be a Star Wars fan to get this story. I guess you'll just need to know that Jango Fett (and Boba too) is a tough and intimidating bounty hunter. I just had this idea while I was watching a commercial for the Bounty Hunter video game and I thought... bounty hunters are always coming to town and taking Vin... what if...

This story is humorous (or it's supposed to be <g>). Nothing in this story is serious. It's all for fun. It wouldn't really happen... <G>.

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think. Thank you, Ruby :)


Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter

By: Ruby


Tanner walked slowly to his wagon, his saddlebags over his shoulder and his hat tipped back on his head. It had been a long trip to Vulture's Gulch and back, and all he wanted to do was stow his stuff and then head over to the saloon and sit back and relax. The mid-afternoon sun warmed his skin and his mind drifted back to his night in the Red Angel Saloon. Vulture Gulch's one and onl-


His head bounced off the end of the wagon. White lights danced in his vision. Someone behind him grabbed his right arm and wrenched it as far up his back it would go without breaking. Vin grunted, clenching his teeth in pain.

"Tanner," a menacing voice hissed in his ear. "You're wanted in Tascosa and I plan to bring you in."

Vin grunted again when the bounty hunter hit him hard in the ribs and then between his shoulder blades. While he was still reeling from the quick jabs, the bounty hunter grabbed his arms and quickly tied his wrists behind his back.

Not again. Vin shook his head. Damn it. This is getting really old. How many damn bounty hunters can there be in this territory? He turned around. I mean, every other day anoth- "Agghh!"

He got his first good look at the man who held him by his upper arm. 


Actually, he wasn't sure. He stared at the thing, his mouth open, his eyes huge, his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

"Ah... ah..." Vin stammered. "Ah...?"

"Fett." The thing spoke softly. "Jango Fett. At your service."

Vin couldn't place the accent. But, more importantly, he couldn't place the clothing the man wore either. 

The thing almost looked like one of the Knights in the book that Ezra had loaned him. It wore armor, of some kind. And a shiny helmet with long rectangular boxes where his eyes and mouth would be. And his clothes... purple and silver and some shiny thing that looked like... who knew? The gun he held loosely in his hand was like nothing Vin had ever seen before.

He was... he was... Vin just stared.

The man started walking down the middle of the street towards the livery, holding Vin by his upper arm. Vin followed along, staring all the while at the thing's head.

Vin couldn't keep himself from being drug behind the bounty hunter. He looked all around, hoping he would see one of his friends.

Suddenly, Nathan walked out of one of the buildings and Vin almost wilted with relief. 

"Nate!" he called out loudly, a desperate tone in his voice. 

The tall healer looked up at him, his eyes going wide. He gaped for a moment, and then, spinning on his heel, he started walking quickly away from him.

"Nate?" Vin called, sniffing loudly.

The bounty hunter pulled him along. Vin could have sworn he heard quiet chuckling coming from beside him.

They moved down the street and Vin still frantically looked around for help.

He saw JD coming their way.

"JD!" Vin hissed as the young bowler-wearing sheriff passed them on the street.

JD swallowed hard as he slowly turned to look at Vin. "Yeah?" he asked innocently.

"Bounty hunter." Vin cocked his head towards the large man holding him and widened his eyes as he raised his eyebrows. "Little help would be nice."

"Oh... uh..." JD shrugged as he smiled sheepishly. His eyes darted to the bounty hunter and then back. "I got stuff to do."

Vin's eyebrows rose high on his forehead. "Last time I got took you came after that marshal with a shotgun," he accused.

"Oh, hee hee," JD chuckled nervously. "I know." He slapped himself on the forehead. "*What* was I thinking?" He swallowed hard, keeping his eyes on Vin. "I mean...I mean... I know I was being... brave... and all, but..." He glanced up at the bounty hunter, his mouth open and his eyes wide. "But... ha ha... you know... this... this is..." he suddenly brought his wrist up to his face. "Oh, would you look at that time!" his voice squeaked. "I got stuff to do," he said as he slowly backed away from Vin and his bounty hunter. "Stuff to do, places to go, outlaws to jail, fevers to catch..." He swallowed hard as he quickly glanced up at the bounty hunter and then back to Vin. "I'll uh...I'll uh... Bye, Vin!" He dashed off and in his haste actually ran over two old ladies who were walking down the boardwalk.

Vin glared at the young man's back. Some help he was. See if I ever try to teach him trackin' skills. See if I ever- A booming voice interrupted his thoughts and his face brightened when he saw the tall man walking towards him.

"JD Dunne!" Buck Wilmington bellowed as he watched his best friend running away. "What have I told you about treatin' yer elders with respect? Then you go and run them down?"

Vin cleared his throat.

"Oh, Hi Vin." Buck casually looked Vin up and down. "How ya doin' today?"

Vin cocked his head towards the bounty hunter standing at his shoulder, helmet gleaming in the bright sunlight.

"Good?" Buck asked as he brushed his mustache with his thumb and index finger.

Vin just stared at him.

"Good." Buck clapped the tracker on the back. "Well," his eyes twinkled. "I've got to get on to Blossom's now. Don't want to keep her waitin' none. Be seein' you later."

Vin gaped at the tall gunslinger's back as he quickly walked away from him, a spring in his step.

The bounty hunter started him walking again.

After a few minutes, Ezra Standish walked up to them, blocking their path. 

"Mr. Tanner, you owe me money from last night's poker game. And I would appreciate remuneration before this," he glanced up at the bounty hunter's head and then back at Vin, "behemoth takes you from this municipality."

Vin stared at the gambler. 

Ezra stood, one hip cocked, eyebrow raised, hand held out, palm up. 

Vin opened his mouth and shook his head slightly while making a small squeaking sound.

Ezra narrowed his eyes as he huffed. "I should have known." He spun on his heels and stalked off towards the saloon.

"With friends like these, you don't need enemies, Tanner," the bounty hunter's gruff voice came from beside and slightly above him.

Tanner sighed as he shook his head sadly. "Don't I know it."

They started moving again.

Vin watched Josiah walk out of his church. The big man spotted them and immediately started walking their way.

Finally, Vin sighed, some help.

Josiah walked up to the bounty hunter.

"Jango?" Josiah pumped the bounty hunter's hand with both of his own. "God, how long's it been?" He put his hand on his shoulder as he stood next to him. "How's the bounty huntin' business been going? You're looking good. Been keepin' yer head about ya?" He winked and grinned as he nudged Jango with his elbow. "Well, gotta go. Got a sermon to write. Good to see ya." He shook hands with him again. Josiah looked over, seeming to see Vin for the first time. "Oh, Hi, Vin." He patted him on the back. "Well, see ya later." He turned and walked away, whistling Mr. Bo Jangles.

Vin cried.

They were almost to the livery when Chris walked up to them, black duster billowing in the wind, hat pulled down low on his forehead, green eyes blazing fire.

But when he reached them, instead of stopping, he just tipped his hat and walked on by.

"Larabee?" Vin called out, his voice desperate. "Ain't ya gonna help me, Chris?" he begged.

Chris turned and looked at Vin. The tall gunfighter bit his lower lip as he looked sideways. "Ummm..."

"Chris? Larabee? Chris!" Vin intoned. "I thought we was friends?!"

Chris scuffed the toe of his boot in the dirt. His hands were behind his back and he looked slightly abashed as he answered, "We are." He shrugged. "I mean..." he glanced up at the helmeted bounty hunter and then quickly back down. He cleared his throat loudly. "I mean... ah... we... *were*." He looked up at the bounty hunter, a fake smile on his face.

The bounty hunter pulled Vin towards the livery door. Vin turned in his tight grasp, his eyes pleading. "I thought we was soul mates. Brothers bound not by blood, but by love..."

Chris raised his eyebrows as he looked at the tracker with a cocked head and a disbelieving expression.

"Okay, maybe not *that*, but... but..." Vin's voice rose in octaves as the bounty hunter pulled him away, into the livery and out of sight.


Vin sat on his horse, dejected. The bounty hunter ponied Peso behind his own horse and Vin now had his hands tied to the saddle horn.

He sighed. They were almost out of town.

Suddenly they stopped. Vin gasped. 

Standing in the middle of the street, Spencer carbine resting on her shoulder, Nettie Welles blocked the bounty hunter's way.

Nettie! Nettie loved him, she thought of him like a son. Nettie would help him!

She frowned as she looked from the bounty hunter to Vin. She was silent for a moment and then she sighed. Raising her eyebrows, she finally spoke. "All I can say is... I love ya, boy." She cocked her head as she turned. "And yer on your own."

"Nettie?" Vin breathed out. 

He cried as Jango led him out of town.


the end (January 2003)


Aggggghhhhhh! 290 people have looked at this story, and *2* people have written me! (One of them, I think, just felt sorry for me. <g>) <sobbing> Poor, broken-hearted Ruby.

Deep sigh. 

<scuffs toe in dirt>

See, it was supposed to be funny. Ha Ha. 'Cause, you know, it would never happen. <g> I mean, these guys are good, and honest, and would do anything for each other... so... see... they would *never* let someone come take one of their own.  So, it was like, an irony-sort-of-thing going on.. you know? Ha ha. I mean, it... I'm just diggin' my own grave, aren't I? Shutting up now. <g>

Wait! I know... I'll write a Sequel!


Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter - The Sequel

Making Amends

By: Ruby


So... Jango lead Vin out of town. A quarter of a mile away, Vin noticed six men on the horizon. Could it be? Could he dare to hope? Could it possibly be his six, good, honest, would-do-anything-for-each-other friends? Or was it a mirage brought on by the four shots of whiskey he'd had for breakfast? He belched, long and loud, and then looked over sheepishly when Fett gave him a 'look'.

"Looks like trouble," the bounty hunter's voice rumbled. 

Vin narrowed his eyes at him. "You'll never get away with this, Feet."

"It's Fett."

"Oh." Vin looked sideways. Looking back, his eyes narrowed into tight little slits that he could never hope to see *anything* out of. "You'll *never* get away with this, Fett." He pursed his lips. "And, if you're wondering why I put asterisks around some of my words, it's because I'm trying to emphasize them. You know, like Chandler on Friends." He looked haughtily up at the bounty hunter. Then, he shook his head. "Sometimes, I get a funny look, though, when I have to stop every few minutes to say the word asterisk. 'You'll asterisk never asterisk get away with this.' " He shook his head. "See? It just sort of ruins my hard-ass intimidation tactic in a tough situation."

Fett just stared at him. 

"Nevermind," Vin said as he brought his head down, like a turtle going into its shell. He looked at the bounty hunter from inside his shirt collar.

Feet, I mean, Fett shook his head and looked back at the men on the horizon.

Nope, Vin thought, not a mirage. 

"Looks like you'll be loosing, I mean, losing some friends today," Fett told him, his voice gravelly.

Vin glared at him, one eye twitching. "You can't have a gravelly voice, Fett. Because *my* voice is gravelly. And if more than two people in the same scene have gravelly voices, then it just sounds like we all need to clear our throats."

Fett shook his head as he spurred his horse in the direction of the six riders.

When they got up to them, Fett stopped the horses and put his hand on his firearm.

Vin smiled happily at his friends, his partners, his brothers, his coworkers. (Did he just call me a cow orker, JD?) He hoped that the bloodshed that was apparently about to take place would be held down to a minimum. Maybe just some flesh wounds, or bullets that went 'clean through'. (I mean, you know, there's nothing important in there, right? Just arteries and organs and flesh and, I don't know, stuff.) And if they had to loose, LOSE, someone, then, maybe it could be JD. 'Cause, sometimes, you have to face it, he could be really, really annoying. Or, maybe Buck, 'cause, damn, he danced like a chicken in Wagon Train, and it was really hard to watch. Or maybe it could be...

"Surprise!" all the men yelled, scaring Vin and almost toppling him from his horse. He looked up and all his friends were smiling at him. (Or they could be grinning madly, that would work too.) Okay, all his friends were grinning madly at him.

"Ah..." Vin looked from his friends to the bounty hunter and then back. "Ahh?"

Chris rode over, clapping Vin on the back and then untying his hands from the saddle horn. "Did we surprise ya, pard?" he asked, his voice merry. (No. Wait. That would never happen.) "Did we surprise ya, pard?" he hissed.

Vin stared as his best friend. 

"We got'cha, didn't we, Vin?" JD crowed happily. 

"Ah..." Vin looked at JD. "But...?" he looked at Fett and then back at Chris. "Who?"

Chris shook his head. "Who do you think it is, Vin?" He grinned. "I mean, it's not like an otherworldly bounty hunter from the future, wearing clothes that were way too hard to try to describe in the above story, would just *show* up here, you know? Ha ha. Uh... Ahem," he cleared his throat.

"See, Vin," Buck kneed his horse over to him. "We had this extra 'Jango Fett' Halloween costume in the back room of the saloon, and we were all sitting around this morning, thinking *how* could we get Vin? And, POW, it just came to us."

"Ah..." Vin looked at him. "So, who's in the suit?" he glanced at 'Fett' and then back.

"Who do you think, Vin?"

"Um... Billy?"

JD snorted. "Yeah, right! If Billy were like 6'2 and had a deep, gravelly voice. Duuh!"

Vin pulled out his mare's leg and shot JD.

JD toppled backwards off his horse, landing hard on the ground. "Ouch!" he wined, (oops) whined.

"Guess again," Chris sing-songed.

"Ah..." Vin looked Fett up and down. "Mary?"

Chris snorted with laughter. 

Ezra fell off his horse, he was laughing so hard. "Mary! Ha! Mr. Tanner, you- OUCH!"

Vin smirked as he blew across the top of his smoking mare's leg.

"Is it Judge Travis?" Vin asked, looking at Fett hard.

"No, he's off doing one of his Brown and Croupin ads."




"Mrs. Potter?"


"That drunk guy from the saloon?"


"So, who is it?"

"We don't know."

"You don't know?"

"No. We don't know."

"And I was supposed to guess that?"

Chris shrugged sheepishly. 

"We just paid a drifter a dollar to dress up in the suit and pretend that he was Fett."


Jango Fett slowly took his helmet off.

The seven lawmen stared at him.

"So, stranger," Josiah asked, "what's your name?"

"Kurt Warner," he answered.

"Kurt Warner!" All of the men, except for JD, exclaimed simultaneously.

"Yeah, it's me." He shrugged. "You probably didn't recognize me. I shaved."

"So, Kurt, what brings you to the Old West?" Nathan asked.

"I'm meeting Joe Namath in Eagle Bend," Warner answered. 

"No, I mean, what brings you to the Old West?"

"Oh. Well..." Kurt shrugged again. "I figured, I couldn't get hurt any worse here than I do out on the field."

The men all nodded understandingly.

"Kurt Warner!" JD exclaimed.

"We're past that part, JD."


"Well, come on. Let's get back to town. We have a party to get to and all."

The eight men started back to Four Corners, happy and content in the fact that this story was much more uplifting than the last.


the end, really. (still January 2003)


So... there you have it. The sequel.

Oh yeah, Buck and JD are two of my favorite characters. I was only pokin' fun at 'em. Please don't kill me.

So, if you could possibly send some feedback it would be greatly appreciated and loved and cherished and printed out and kept forever and ever and ever. (And I won't have to write another stinkin' sequel to the sequel.) <g>


Comments  Please let me know what you think. I'd love to know.

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