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From: ATF Senior Special Agent Chris Larabee, Group Supervisor

To: Hooligans in outer office

Re: Okay, I'm going on record here so I'll have some sort of backup when this goes to trial.

If anyone, and I mean *anyone*, says the phrase "Whaazz up?" one more time, I *will* kill them. I don't care who it is. I don't care if it's a visiting liaison from the FBI. I don't care if it's AD Travis (though, why in the hell he'd say something like that is beyond me). I don't care if it's God. Really. If God is in the outer office and utters the words "Whaazz uuup?" I will kill Him. I will. I'll kill God. It's really that annoying to me. Honestly. I'll kill and hide the body of anyone I need to. Hell, I won't even hide the body. I'll just leave it out there as a warning to the next yahoo who thinks he's funny. A rotting, stinking, smelling warning-corpse to all.


'Nuff said.




November 2008


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