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Movie Madness

By: Ruby

"JD? What are you doing?" Buck asked, bleary eyed, as he stood in the doorway to JD's bedroom, rubbing his cheek with his fist.

JD glanced over his shoulder at him and then back at his computer monitor. His fingers flew across the keyboard as he smiled giddily. "Just adding another movie to my queue."

"Wh-at?" Buck blinked twice and then took a step forward. He frowned when JD looked back at him and he noticed his blood shot eyes. "Kid, you been up all night?"

"Yeah," JD grinned. "Isn't it great! I found the coolest thing. The neatest thing. The totally most awesome thing since... since... well, can't remember what the saying is right now... but since... everything!"

"Sliced bread, JD." 


"Never mind." Buck walked toward him, stopping when he stood next to the young agent's shoulder.

"I just... can't stop myself." JD grinned maniacally. "This website. You can rent movies-"

Buck interrupted him with a loud chortle. 

JD darted a cross look at him. "Not *those* kinds of movies, Buck." He rolled his eyes. "Real movies. You know, movies..." He held his hand out in front of the computer.

Buck furrowed his brow as he stared at the website on the screen before looking back at JD.

"You pay twenty dollars a month to rent DVDs," JD told him. "You can have up to three out at a time and when you finish watching one, you just pop it in the mail and return it and they send you another one. They have tons of movies to chose from. A whole bunch. And, see, you keep movies in your 'queue' so that whenever you send one back they automatically know what movie to send you next. You pick movies and put them in your queue list and you can even pick the order you want to see the movies in. I'm just picking movies right now. You can have up to five hundred movies in your queue." He refreshed the page he was looking at. "Hmmm... I'm at four hundred and seventy three."

Buck's eyes widened dramatically as he watched JD tap his bottom lip with his index finger.

"Hmmm... What next...? Oh! Oh! I know... I haven't seen A Fistful of Dollars lately!" He quickly searched the movie out and then hit the Rent button. "There." He paused thoughtfully. "Hmmm... should that go before the first season of Angel or after? Oh, I know. I'll put it after The Usual Suspects and before The Exorcist." He grinned madly.

"Kid," Buck blinked his eyes tiredly, "It's four in the morning." He grimaced. "When'd you find this site?"

"Last night. About ten thirty."

Buck stared at him.

"Alladin!" JD jumped. "I haven't seen Alladin in a while!" His fingers flew over the keyboard.

"A-lladin?" Buck grimaced sardonically as he looked sideways at his young friend. 

JD nodded gleefully.

Buck sighed. He grabbed his young roommate by the arm and dragged him out of his chair.

"Hey!" JD yelped. "I was doing something there!"

"Yeah, kid, I know." Buck rolled his eyes as he pulled his best friend from the room. "But we have a meeting at eight and if you're late," he pinned JD with a look, "or sleeping, Chris'll have your head."

"But... but..." JD glanced back at his computer. "I..."

"Jeesh, kid, you need a twelve-step program here?"

JD pouted up at him.

Buck shook his head. "You're sleeping on the couch. Can't trust you to even be in this room." He walked him down the hall and bodily tossed him onto the couch.

Buck harrumphed loudly as he sat down in the recliner. "Go to sleep, JD," he told him as he pulled the lever to lift the chair's leg rest. "I'll be here," he narrowed his eyes, "watching."

Buck leaned back in the lazyboy and crossed his hands over his stomach as he closed his eyes. After a minute, he opened one and glared at his roommate before closing it and saying, "Sleep, JD."

JD scowled at him. "Can't watch me with your eyes closed," he mumbled, sulking.

"I can see everything." Buck grinned, his closed eyes crinkling.

"Yer so full of crap, Buck!" JD glared.

Buck didn't open his eyes. "JD. Sleep. Now!" 

With a glowering look, JD grudgingly complied. "But I still have to add Apocalypse Now," he whined under his breath as he pulled the quilt off the back of the couch and tossed it on his legs before lying down. He sighed loudly when Buck turned the lamp off.

The room was dark and quiet and JD finally let out a defeated sigh and settled more comfortably into the couch. He had just started drifting off to sleep when Buck's voice broke the silence.

"And, kid, everyone knows that A Fistful of Dollars should come *before* The Usual Suspects."


November 2003


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