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A Poem to go with The Wheel (which is a parody). If you haven't read that story, this probably won't make sense. Uh... not that it will anyway. LOL Some people asked me what happened to Fred... and, well, I thought I'd try to answer the question. *g* I'm going to go back into my little corner now and curl up and die. ;)

Oh yeah, and I'm not a poet... in case you didn't know it. (And couldn't tell by this horrible little piece. *g*)



Ode to Fred

A Poem to go with The Wheel

by: Ruby (the Weird)


Fred was a gunslinger. 

The fastest in the West.

Yes, he was a hamster,

But he also dealt death.


His beady eyes would narrow, 

His whiskers would twitch,

Then his little six guns were a'blazin'.

He killed just to kill.


Tiny twin guns on a holster 

That always fell to his knees.

His little black duster flyin',

(We don't talk about his fleas.)


How did he meet his fate?

The question has been asked.

A gerbil with a six gun?

Or a Lemur with an axe.


Was it a guinea pig seeking revenge?

Or a Cat in the Hat.

Was it Larabee on a drunken binge?

Or an iguana with a baseball bat.


Sigh. We might never know the fate

Of the hamster named Fred,

But what we do know this:

He's dead. Dead. Dead!



November 2004


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