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Author's Notes: This story came entirely from the fact that I think this page: http://www.platinumgrit.com/poke.html is an absolute hoot. I got to it from a page full of links to games and puzzles. Imagine my surprise when I hit the link for the 'game' Poke the Bunny... and found this. LOL I think it'll make the story easier to understand if you go to this website first... plus, it's just funny as all get out. (At least to me...;) And a huge thanks to my Mom for showing it to me. And for my addiction to Bookworm... ;)

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Poke the Bunny

By: Ruby

"JD, what are you doing?" Buck asked as he walked across the ATF office, stopping behind his roommate's desk chair, looking over JD's shoulder.

Buck was the first one back from lunch, except for Dunne, who'd stayed behind to get some... work... done on his computer.

The screen in front of the young agent was purple, with a small white bunny in the middle, a red button below it, and a white hand an inch away from the rabbit, pointing at it.

"I'm playing Poke the Bunny," JD answered happily.

"Oh." Buck scrunched his mouth up as he stared at JD's monitor. "How do you play?"

JD turned in his seat to look up at him, and then faced his computer screen again. "Well," he put his hand on the mouse, "you press this button right here," he moved the cursor over the big red button and then left clicked, "and you poke the bunny." The hand on the screen came down and poked the bunny. And then again. And again. ...And that was it.

There was complete silence behind him. 

The silence stretched for another long minute before JD arched his neck back to look up at his best friend. "Buck?"

Wilmington was staring down at him. He quickly looked away and then, after a moment, looked back at him, blinking, as if coming back to himself.

"Buck, you okay?" JD asked worriedly.

Buck swallowed hard, his face flushing as he ran his hand across his eyes. "Yeah, kid," he answered, looking away when he got choked up.

JD's eyes widened. "Buck?" He gasped. "What's wrong?" He stood, putting his hand on Wilmington's arm, comforting him.

Buck looked down at him, shaking his head, his eyes bright as he said, "Just brings back memories, is all."

JD's eyebrows drew together in consternation as he glanced at the website on the screen and then back up at his friend. He blinked twice. "Brings back memories?"

"Yeah." Buck sniffed, his mouth slowly turning up in a wistful smile. "Brings back memories," he said, his voice soft, heartfelt, "of the time I was at the Playboy Mansion." His smile quickly morphed into a devilish grin and he winked.

After a moment, JD cocked his head, his mouth open. He blinked. "Uh..." he shrugged helplessly. "I don't get it."

Buck chuckled nervously and then his look turned serious. He narrowed his eyes at his young friend. "Kid," he said, incredulously. "*How* old are you?"

JD shrugged again, looking innocent. "I'm twenty four, Buck. You know that."

"Errg!" Buck grunted. "Nevermind." He stalked away. 

JD watched the tall agent walk out of the room and then he sat back down at his desk, grinning wolfishly. "It's just too easy." He laughed, shaking his head as he brought Tetris back up on the screen.


November 2004


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