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The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

~ Richard Bach, Illusions


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November 20, 2008 - I'm finally putting my Transoformers/M7 crossover story up on a page. I started it in 2007. In the Beginning M7/TF. Also, Memo ATF, just a tiny bit I wrote. (But... Wow! I wrote something!! LOL It's been a while.)

October 27, 2008 - I made a blog thingy. LOL I did it more as an experiment. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Maybe post half-finished stories and stuff. Anyway, if you want to stop by and talk here it is:


The Magnificent Seven is owned by Mirish, Trilogy, and MGM. These stories are purely for entertainment. No profit is being made.

Alternate Universes:

(ATF) - Stories set in the alternate universe, created by Mog, where the seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. A Birthday in the Present is Mog's very first story in the AU.

(LB) - Stories set in a universe by K. Poffenberger and S. Berry. Vin Tanner (7) and JD Dunne (5) are young cousins who have come West on an orphan train. Once in Four Corners, they are taken in by Chris Larabee and Buck Wilmington, lawmen who own a horse ranch outside of Four Corners.

(LB ATF) - Little Britches stories set in the ATF AU. In this universe, Vin and JD are orphans who find each other while living on the streets and are taken in by ATF Agents, Chris Larabee and Buck Wilmington. For more information on the Little Britches Universe, please visit: Magnificent Seven Little Britches Web Links and The Tales of Little Britches.

(Rebels & Rogues) - Stories set in an alternate universe where it's the near future and for three years a ferocious race of aliens known to humans as 'The Rogue' have ruled over Mother Earth, using her for their own needs. A small group of humans, rebels, have banded together to protect the innocent and battle against the Rogue.

(Alternate Universes) - Stories set in any universe other than the ones listed above.

M7 Skewed View

Magnificent Seven Fanfiction ~ Parody Style


Completed  or  In Progress

My stories are listed here in the order that they were written.


Your True Family (ATF) Ezra, Seven July 1999 <Introduction of some of the vehicles that are used in ATF Fanfiction. Larabee-Dodge Ram l Tanner-Jeep l Sanchez-Suburban l Jackson-Ford Explorer l Dunne-Motorcycle (Kawasaki) l Wilmington-old Chevy truck>

Trouble (ATF) JD, Chris August 1999

Can't Go Back  JD November 1999

Plan B (ATF) JD, Seven January 2000

Lloyd at 20,000 Feet (ATF) February 2000 Magnificent Seven/Twilight Zone Crossover Parody

It's Right JD, Ezra  February 2000 DEATHFIC

Strongbow Vin, Ezra 2000

Blackfell Chris, Vin March 2000

Don't Take Your Guns to Town JD  March 2000 DEATHFIC Added October 30, 2005

Growin' Old JD, Buck 2000

Nightfall (ATF) JD, Ezra  April 2000 Sequel to Plan B

The McDonald's Incident (ATF) Vin, Buck, JD, Ezra April 2000

The Glare Seven May 2000

Adam's Touch (ATF) Chris July 2000

Moonshade Vin, Ezra  Sequel to Strongbow Sept. 2000

The Ram (ATF) Seven Sept. 2000

Cutter  Ezra, JD Started Fall of 2000 Iv'e added this story to my In Progress section

The Handwriting on the Wall (ATF) JD, Nathan, Vin, Buck Nov. 2000

The Top (ATF) Vin, Ezra Jan. 2001 Parody

What to Say (ATF) Nate, Josiah Jan. 2001 Available in the fanzine, Legends of the Magnificent Seven #2. Please visit the Demon Bunny Press website for ordering information. Or try: Demon Bunny Press

The Board (Alternate Universes) Seven Jan. 2001

Genesis (Rebels and Rogues Alternate Universe) Seven Feb. 2001

The Chair (ATF) JD, Seven 2001

That's What Friends Are For (ATF) Chris, Vin April 2001

You Want Me To Do WHAT? (ATF) Chris, Ezra  Sequel to That's What Friends Are For April 2001

Free Chris, Billy 2001

Live Cams (ATF) Seven July 2001 Sequel to The Handwriting on the Wall

The Collar (Rebels and Rogues Alternate Universe) Ezra, JD  Oct. 2001 Sequel to Genesis

The Last Gunfighter JD 2001 DEATHFIC REMOVED

Something (ATF) October 2001 JD, Chris A Halloween Story

I'm Not Falling For It! (ATF) Nov. 2001

That Look Chris, Casey Jan 2002

Consequences (Rebels and Rogues Alternate Universe) Seven Feb. 2002

Not Anymore (ATF) Buck, JD, Vin, Chris Feb. 2002

The Leader's Paw (ATF) Chris, JD, Seven 2002 DEATHFIC  REMOVED

A Hanging Offense  Josiah, JD 2002

Here or There (ATF) JD, Seven 2002 Warning: Contents may be disturbing for some readers

The Joker JD, Seven June 2002

Words (ATF) JD 1999-2002

Blaze of Glory (ATF) Buck, JD July 2002

The Easterner (Easterner AU) JD, Seven July 2002

Sooner or Later JD, Vin July 2002

Maybe Chris Aug. 2002

The Impossible (ATF) Chris ,JD Aug. 2002

The Adventures of Johnny Castaway (ATF) Seven Sept. 2002 Parody

Love is Thicker than Blood (LB ATF) Chris Sept. 2002

Fanfiction World Monthly Vin Oct. 2002 Parody

Back Together Again (ATF) Vin Jan. 2002

Apastapickle (ATF) JD, Ezra, Vin Nov. 2002

Spirit (LB ATF) JD, Buck, Chris Dec. 2002

Bureau (ATF) JD, Ezra, Vin, Buck Jan. 2003 Sequel to Apastapickle

Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter Vin, Seven Jan. 2003  Parody

Making Amends Vin, Seven Jan. 2003 Sequel to Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter Parody

Vengeance (Easterner AU) Vin, Chris March 2003 Missing scene from The Easterner

Bathroom On The Right (ATF) JD, Ezra, Vin, Buck April 2003 Sequel to Bureau and Apastpickle

Gonna Go Now (ATF) JD, Buck April 2003 DEATHFIC

The Magnificent Seven Characters' Lament All Seven April 2003 Parody

I'll Lend You (ATF) Chris, Vin June 2003

Bogs and Bugs (LB ATF) JD, Vin, Buck, Chris July 2003 Parody

Firearm (ATF) JD, Vin October 2003

Makin' Copies (ATF) JD, Ezra Sequel to Bathroom On The Right. Fourth in the Apastapickle series. January 2004

A Good Man JD, Josiah February 2004

Oblivion (ATF) Chris March 2004

Death's Door Missing Scene from Penance JD, Chris, Buck, Vin April 2004

Human Beans (ATF) JD, Buck, Ezra April 2004

Time Cards JD Parody May 2004

Of Hermits and Crabs (ATF) Chris, JD 5-10-04 Challenge Answer May 2004

Irreplaceable (ATF) Buck, JD, Chris May 2004

A New Light Vin, JD, Chris  May 2004

Firecracker (ATF) JD, Seven May 2004

Darlin' Baby Girl (ATF) September 2004

The Wheel Chris, Buck Parody September 2004

Icky Ezra, Seven Parody October 2004

Parts Nathan... Parody October 2004

Shell Shocked (ATF) Buck, JD Sequel to Of Hermits and Crabs, 10-11-04 Challenge Answer October 2004

Rental Horse Blues JD, OHC (original horse character ;) Parody November 2004

Poke the Bunny (ATF) JD, Buck November 2004

Borrowing Trouble (ATF) JD, Josiah November 2004

Ode to Fred A poem to go with The Wheel Parody November 2004

On Our Side (ATF) JD, Ezra December 2004

His Word (ATF) JD, Ezra Sequel to On Our Side December 2004

The Other Way (ATF) Ezra February 2005

Messy (ATF).JD April 2005

Revelations Family Found Series Magnificent Seven ATF - Numb3rs Crossover JD May 2005

Protection (ATF) JD, Buck, Seven May 2005

It's Just Sad (ATF) JD, Buck July 2005

Don't Take Your Guns to Town JD  March 2000 DEATHFIC

Boston Ain't Your Kinda Town (ATF) JD, Buck, Chris July 2005

Weeds (LB ATF) JD, Vin, Chris August 2005

Pumpkinhead October 2005 JD, Vin, Buck A story for Halloween

Getting to the Getting There (ATF) JD, Buck, Chris October 2005 sequel to Boston Ain't Your Kinda Town.

Movie Madness (ATF) JD, Buck November 2003

High Interest (ATF) Oct. 2005 sequel to Borrowing Trouble

Mr. Mason  (LB ATF) JD, Buck, Chris Halloween story October 2005 

Take What You Can Get (ATF) Vin, Chris  Contains material that may not be suitable for sensitive readers. February 2006 

Degrees (ATF) JD March 2006 

Why? (ATF) JD, Nathan April 2006 

What You Have To Do (Rebels and Rogues Alternate Universe) JD, Seven April 2006

Audio Evidence (ATF) JD April 2006 

Trees sequel to  Mr. Mason  (LB ATF) JD, Buck, Chris, Vin Halloween story May 2006

Back Then (ATF) JD May 2006

Lot of Leaving Left To Do (ATF) JD, Buck May 2006

Demands (ATF) JD May 2006

The End of Team Seven (ATF) Seven Parody August 2006

Gunfighter (OW/AU) JD August 2006

Angel (ATF) Buck September 2006

Getting There is Half the Fun (ATF) JD, Buck, Chris 2005 sequel to Getting to the Getting There.

What's Important (LB ATF) JD, Buck December 2006

Wicker Chair Man (ATF) Seven December 2006

User Friendly (ATF) JD, Buck, Vin, Ezra December 2006

I Just Thought (LB ATF) JD, Buck, Vin, Chris, OCs August 2006

Trade-off (ATF) JD October 2007

Pearls (ATF) Seven (sort of...) December 2005

Normal (ATF) Seven (sort of...) December 2006

Alligator (ATF) JD, Seven (sort of...) March 2008

In the Beginning (ATF/Transformers) Chris, Buck, OC  July 2007

Memo (ATF) Chris  November 2008

In Progress

These are some stories that I've been working on, but haven't finished yet. I'm not sure when I'll get them completed, but feedback always helps. :)

The Other Side (ATF) JD, Buck Started 2003 Updated Oct. 2004 In Progress

Cutter Ezra, JD Started 2000 In Progress

Baby Chickens (LB) JD, Buck, Chris, Vin Started 2003 In Progress

Shark (ATF) JD Started 2002 In Progress


The Magnificent Seven is owned by Mirish, Trilogy, and MGM. No copyright infringement is intented. No money is being made. This is a fan site, purely for entertainment.


Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments about the site, or if you'd like to add a link to your Magnificent Seven site, please contact me at: [email protected]   -  My backup e-mail address is: [email protected]


Let me know where you're from and what you think of the site. I'd love to know.


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