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Author's Note: This is another story that is in progress. It really has no purpose except that I saw the cool helmet above and wanted to write a story about JD on his bike so I could use it. LOL!

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In Progress


Shark ATF/AU
By: Ruby

JD pulled up to the red light, stopping quite a few feet back from the truck in front of him. He didn't want to inhale diesel fumes for the three hours he'd be sitting at this stoplight. Or, so it seemed, he thought. He usually tried to avoid this road, this light, for exactly that reason.

The Saturday morning traffic was congested and JD cursed his luck. He was on his way out to Chris's ranch, where the rest of the guys were waiting on him so they could all go riding. He'd needed to run a couple errands before he went out there, so he'd told Buck to go on ahead, that he would come out later in the morning. It was a long weekend and they were taking a trail ride up into the mountains. They would leave this morning, as soon as he got there, so he was really trying to hurry. Except, he was stuck at the red light from Hell. He'd got the things done that he'd needed to, so now he just had to get out of Denver. But...

He shook his head. This light was never-ending. Buck said that he'd timed it once. Thirteen minutes, forty-three seconds. But, that was Buck - JD wasn't sure if he believed him or not.

He leaned back on the idling motorcycle, his feet on the ground, his arms crossed over his chest. He huffed, hot in his helmet and he quickly pushed his tinted face shield up, gulping in the warm air.


JD heard someone yell and he turned towards the sound. In the lane to his left and a little behind him, three girls sat in a brand new red BMW convertible, all smiling widely in his direction.

He faced forward and then glanced all around, trying to figure out who the girls were smiling at. He furrowed his brow, checked the light, and then glanced back over his shoulder.

Yep, they were smiling at *him*.

The red car moved up, almost brushing the bumper of the car in front of it. JD saw that driver glare at the girls in his rear view mirror, but they were oblivious.

"Hey, cutie!" The brunette in the passenger seat yelled as she stood up, leaning over the windshield.

JD shook his head. The first thing coming to mind, not how beautiful she was, but that she needed to be wearing a seatbelt. I'm getting old, he thought, shaking his head.

The light changed to green, but nobody moved. Crap. There must be an accident or something blocking the traffic ahead. He couldn't see past the large truck in front of him, so he wasn't sure. He sat through the amazingly short green light, then yellow, and now back to red. None of the vehicles around him had moved. He wanted to curse, but he knew it wouldn't help. About the only thing he could do was settle in and wait. And take the damn suffocating helmet off.

He reached up, tucking his thumbs inside the helmet and then pulling it back off his head. Ah, cool air. He sat the wildly colored Shark helmet on the bike in front of him. He'd put it back on as soon as he started moving again. He ran his hands through his hair to get it unstuck from his head. He chuckled. Nothing like helmet hair, especially when it's hot out and your baking in your own sweat. He felt much better now, though.


JD looked over to find all three girls in the car staring at him. He'd forgotten about them. They were young, probably in their rich daddy's car. Hell, it was probably *their* car, JD scoffed. Nothing like working for what you get.  He used to hate girls like that. Country Club girls.

He wondered what they saw in him. He was sure his frayed and faded blue jeans, white tee shirt, worn brown cowboy boots, wildly colored Ninja and his semi-long hair didn't paint the picture of a doctor-to-be or a young lawyer in the making. Not someone they'd take home to the 'Estate' to meet mom and dad.

The car beside him, the one with the convertible kissing its bumper, moved up as far as it could go. The girls in the BMW didn't get the hint, they moved up also, so that their front bumper was even with JD's back tire.

"Hey, tight ass," the blonde driver cooed. "Doing anything tonight?"

JD grinned over at them. "Yep," he answered, looking up at the stoplight.

"Gay?" One of them asked loudly, laughing.

JD looked back at them. "Nope," he answered, shrugging. "Just not interested in any of you."

The passenger sneered at him, her face disgusted. "What-ever."

The redhead in the back seat sat forward so she was almost in between the two front seats. "What an asshole," she told her friends, taking care not to look at him.

The driver just smiled brightly at him, her eyes shining. He made her out to be around twenty. She looked like the type who always got what she wanted, and from the look on her face, she wanted *him*.

He faced forward again, reaching up and fingering the paint job on his new helmet. He had no idea why she would possibly be interested in him. Maybe he presented the image of a 'bad boy.' Motorcycle, long hair, torn jeans. Maybe that's what she wanted. A bad boy. JD chuckled, thinking, 'boy, howdy, would she be all over Vin.'

"Honey." The driver pulled her black sunglasses down to the tip of her nose. Scrutinizing him closely, she said, "You are *so* hot."

A part of JD beamed at this beautiful woman telling him that, but another part, the chambermaid's son who worked and scraped his whole life, *that* part of JD wanted nothing more than to tell these rich girls where they could go.

Normally, JD wouldn't be rude to anyone, let alone a beautiful girl, but there was something about these girls, something that rubbed him the wrong way, making his blood boil. Maybe it was the way they looked at him like he was a piece of meat or an animal to be bought at auction. Whatever it was, he didn't like it.

He thought of Casey, smiling, laughing, teasing, looking at him like he was special. A bit tomboyish in a cute way. These girls would hate Casey and that thought made JD grin.

The light changed and finally the traffic started to move. He looked to see if he could change lanes, get away from the girls, but no such luck. He was boxed in.

The traffic slowed and stopped and JD looked up at the red light ahead of him. He still had vehicles in front of him. He willed the light to turn green. This trip was taking forever.

He really wished that Casey were here with him, behind him on the bike. She always told him that the bike 'did' something for her. He grinned. She said that with him being stocky it just worked so well on the bike. He'd laughed at her then, but the thought of Casey's words weren't making him laugh now. Maybe he'd call her tonight, see if she wanted to meet up later, he leered, for...


JD started, looking up to see a green light. He noticed that the girl driving the convertible was still off to the left, going slowly. Her lane was moving much better now, but she stayed back, blocking those behind her. Cars honked.

JD's lane started moving better also, and he quickly pulled the helmet back on and fastened it before he caused the ire of the drivers behind him. He revved the engine and darted ahead.

Suddenly, the convertible swerved right in front of JD, coming in between JD and the truck in front of him and causing JD to slam on his brakes, laying the bike down and sliding into the side of the car, hitting it hard.

Shit, but that hurt.

He pulled himself up off the pavement, looking down at his torn, bloody jeans. The cars around him were stopped, the drivers gaping at him. He limped up to his bike, which had landed a couple feet away from him, and hefted it up off the ground.

The girls sat innocently in the car in front of him. The driver watched him with narrowed eyes and a sadistic smile on her face.

Dammit! JD saw that a piece of his bike was cracked and he frowned. The guys were gonna have to come and get him now.

"Looks like you need a ride," the driver purred as she cocked her head towards her car.

"Like hell," JD answered, scowling as he pushed his bike over to the median. 

She narrowed her eyes, a malicious glint coming over them. The car peeled out, its tires screeching and rubber burning. 

JD shook his head as he watched them leave. "Got your license, you psycho bitch." He glared at the car as it roared down the now clear street.

Limping the rest of the way to the median, JD finally made it far enough into the grass to lay his bike down and drop down beside it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Dreading the call he was about to make, he frowned as he pushed the buttons. He ignored the cars that were still standing still and the drivers and passengers who were staring at him. He sniffed as he pulled the helmet off his head, dropping it into his lap. He winced when it hit his leg and he threw it away from him, into the grass.

"Buck?" He cut off the voice that answered the phone. "It's JD. Um..." He quieted, not wanting to go through the 'big brother' stuff.

"Yeah, I'm still here." He paused as he listened to Buck tell him that they were all waiting for him. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I had... I had a bit of an accident on my bike..." He held the phone away from his ear while Buck yelled on the other end.

"No. I'm okay, but..." his voice drifted off as he looked up to see the convertible coming back towards him from the other side of the street. "Oh, shit," he hissed.




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