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I've been writing Magnificent Seven fanfiction since 1999 and in the time since then I've tried my darndest (quick, someone grab a dictionary!) to get the characters 'right on.' Writing a character 'in character' is what fanfiction is all about, as far as I'm concerned. But, there have been times when I've just wanted to have some fun and goof around. M7 Skewed View is where I'm going to house all of the stories that that goofing around has wrought. <g>

The characters are out of character. Some of the stories have the author in them. Some of the stories are just plain 'out there.' They are all written with a loving sarcastic twist to them. <g> And they were all a blast to write.


The End of Team Seven

That's all, folks.


Rental Horse Blues

This Rental Horse needs a new agent.


The Wheel

Oh, how sad it is to have loved and lost.



An amazingly meaningful (can you taste the sarcasm?) story about relationships... or the lack of.



You'll be fine. Really. Just walk it off.


Time Cards

Off to work we go.


The Adventures of Johnny Castaway (ATF)

The ATF agents are baffled by a certain screen saver.


The Board (Alternate Universe)

The Seven... as Chess pieces?


Bogs and Bugs (Little Britches AU)

Five year old JD's fallen in a hole and he can't get up.


Fanfiction World Monthly

An Interview with Vin Tanner.


The Glare

 Chris Larabee's glare *can* kill...


I Hear Ya Knockin' But'cha Can't Come In

 Weirdness ensues! The ever-lovable Land Shark from Saturday Night Live pays a visit. A reference to every movie and TV show that I've ever seen. <BG>


Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter

The infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett pays a visit to Four Corners.


Lloyd at 20,000 Feet (ATF)

Magnificent Seven/Twilight Zone Crossover

The 'Thing on The Wing of The Airplane' story.


The Magnificent Seven Characters' Lament

 The Seven vent while waiting in Ruby's Muse to be used in one of her fanfictions.


Making Amends

Sequel to Jango Fett - Bounty Hunter

The world is put to rights again, one sharpshooter at a time.


That's What Friends Are For (ATF)

An itty bitty little spider wreaks havoc and makes Chris scream like a girl.


The Top (ATF)

Vin needs a top for his Jeep because Ruby didn't give him one. Bad Ruby!


You Want Me To Do WHAT? (ATF)

Sequel to That's What Friends Are For

What *is* the job that Chris has for Ezra? And, really, can it be *that* bad?



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