Two Simple Words

By: Theresa

Rating: G

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Universe: ATF

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Note: This is my first fic which wouldn't have even been written except for the patience and encouragement of Ruby and Jenifer. And thanks to Jenifer for  checking and correcting my mistakes. You are wonderful. When I wrote is I tried to use first names but it kept changing to last names. Just seemed the thing to do.

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Two Simple Words

By: Theresa

In the Federal Building, she sat back in her chair at the lobby reception desk. The quiet was starting to unnerve her. It was very unusual on a Friday, the "unofficial" holiday for the ATF teams that resided on the top floors. Today though, they were saying goodbye to one of their own.

A simple bust that went terribly wrong. And the suspects were screaming brutality and their rights to everyone who would listen. Of course, the press was eating it up. Anytime they could, they racked anyone in law enforcement over the coals. And kept those coals very hot.

The teams returned from the memorial service very subdued. She noticed Team 7 had surrounded the other members of Team 3 in a protective gesture to get them through the line of reporters that were waiting outside the building. One persistent reporter tried to break in. Mr. Larabee stopped suddenly and turned his "glare" on him. She couldn't see him utter a word, but the reporter took several steps back and she had to smile at the look on the poor boy's face.

The agents slowly made their way to the elevators. They still had half a day to get the last of their reports done. Many of them had such a defeated air about them she could actually feel it.

It wasn't fair! They risked so much everyday, getting drugs and guns off the streets but no one ever reported that. Only when the bad guys start yelling constitutional rights did anyone even notice the men and women who worked to keep them safe. She wanted to do something but what. As she watched them take the elevators, she remembered something her grandmother said and it gave her an idea. She noticed it was already ten minutes into her lunch hour and she would have to hurry if she wanted to get it done before quitting time.

5 minutes to go. The delivery people had come and gone over an hour ago and she hadn't heard a thing. She had made sure everything was done anonymously; it was more fun that way. Suddenly, the elevators opened and the teams came tumbling out. She smiled to see each man had a flower in his label and the women had one attached to their suit jackets. The sadness was still there but the defeated atmosphere was gone. Mr. Wilmington and Mr. Dunne were even teasing each other again. As they passed the desk, Mr. Wilmington changed course and came by. "Hey, darling, we are heading over to the saloon to toast Randy. Why don't you come along?"

"No, thank you. I have a class tonight. But keep asking Mr. Wilmington, one day I might surprise you and take you up on your offer. You all seem in a little better mood."

"Yeah," he said, brushing his hand over his flower, "it seems someone appreciates what we do. Sometimes that’s what makes the difference."

"Come on, Buck" yelled Mr. Dunne from the door, "they others are at least two drinks ahead of us by now."

"Coming, Kid." Mr. Wilmington winked at her before leaving. "See you Monday."

"Bye Mr. Wilmington, have a nice weekend."

She laughed as he ran over and knocked Mr. Dunne's hat off as he went out the door.

"I guess grandmother was right. Everyone just needs to know that what they do is appreciated. Funny how two simple words can make such a big difference. 'Thank You'."


Who have you said Thank You to today? Dedicated to all emergency workers/military personal and everyone who dedicates their lives to ensure our freedom and safety.



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